The Bursary

Now in its 5th year, our Headshot Bursary is a major annual charitable initiative run by the APHP.

The scheme donates one free headshot session with an APHP-qualified photographer to each of the 20+ major UK drama schools, for their students, on combined grounds of financial need, performance excellence and high academic achievement.

The scheme allows the APHP to contribute to the industry and the success of emerging actors across the UK at a vital stage of their training.

The Bursary Scheme in 2019:

The Bursary scheme saw twenty deserving students receive a free headshot session in 2019 with one of our qualified members.

Read more about the 2018 Bursary Awardees

The Bursary Scheme in 2020:

With a huge growth year on year, there is already limited availability for the 2020 bursary scheme, however, we have a waiting list should your drama institution be interested. For information about how you can get involved, or request further information on the group Headshot Workshops we run for drama schools, drop us a line to


Our Bursary Awarding Criteria:

Made by each school on the basis of:
- Financial need - although this is not a hardship bursary, we ask that students in particular need are given first consideration.
- Performance excellence - exemplary displays of acting skill during the year.
- High academic achievement - superb performance in the written and reflective aspects of training.

As this is a charitable initiative, no fees or deposits are payable whatsoever by the student for their award session.
Recognising that the assigned photographer giving up their time is losing a paying client, we expect each awardee to treat the session as a professional commitment: adhering to the agreed time and coordinated with their photographer.

2019 Bursaries
14 of our 20 Bursary Awardees in 2019, from Drama Schools across the UK

Some 'behind-the-scenes' shots of our members with their bursary awardees.

What is APHP approved?

APHP-Approved is a neutral hallmark of quality and expertise in a crowded marketplace. Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with an APHP-qualified photographer who is fair, reliable and responsible, possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality headshots.

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