for Photographers

Being a member of the APHP not only recognises the exemplary quality of your work, but stands as a testament to your expertise and a hallmark of quality that actors, agents, drama schools and casting professionals can rely upon.

The APHP was created to bring together headshot photographers within the entertainment industry and promote a recognised standard of professional practice.

For emerging photographers: We welcome you into our community and offer workshops through our headucation site, check for any upcoming workshops.

For established photographers: In a freelance industry we offer membership to a community of the industry's leading photographers, one where knowledge, experience and expertise is highly valued and can be shared, for the innovation of all.  

Through the promotion of our 'APHP Approved' hallmark of quality, we champion and advocate our members’ work within the industry and to its professional bodies.

Benefits of joining the APHP:

  • Added credibility within the entertainment industry for your business.
  • Use of the recognised 'APHP Approved' brand on your website and promotional materials.
  • Profile on the APHP website, benefiting SEO and linking to your site. 
  • Add your voice to an organisation that advocates for and educates about the highest standards in casting portraiture, as well as lobbying key institutions like Spotlight, equity and other key professional bodies.
  • Membership of an enthusiastic community of the industry's leading photographers
  • Free access to all APHP headucation workshops, for more info see

Photographer Workshops: In 2019 The APHP launched its range of Workshops for Photographers - 'Headucation'.

These workshops are free to members but we also invite photographers outside of the association the opportunity to come and train and learn vital information on all aspects of Headshot photography wether it be Lighting, Workflow or Business principles.

Head over to 
Headucation to see our upcoming workshops.

Rules & Regulations

As a minimum, all applicants should possess:

  • 2 - 3 Years' experience as a professional photographer, with actors headshots forming the majority proportion of photography income.
  • A high quality of work, demonstrating excellent technical lighting and photographic expertise, together with a keen understanding of what makes a successful casting portrait. 
Also, successful applicants should possess:
  • Up to date Public Liability Insurance.
  • The use of professional-grade equipment and systems.
  • Agree to pay the £200 per annum membership fee.
  • Not be working as Casting Professional, Agent or Personal Manager (due to cross interests).
The Drama School Bursary Scheme

When the APHP was founded, our members all agreed to donate - subject to need - one free headshot session a year to the APHP Drama School Bursary Scheme. This session is awarded to a deserving student in need at an accredited drama school. New members are also strongly encouraged - though not strictly required - to offer their services to the scheme.

How to Apply for membership
We run a simple and fair application process which will assess your work, experience and business practise. Very accomplished and experienced photographers may be accepted directly on application (only subject to providing Insurance proofs as stated above), while for those earlier in a career, we may need to engage in a longer consultation process.

In the first instance, please fill out the application form, and we will be in touch.

We will ask to see some or all of the following:
  • Proofs of Public Liability.
  • Proof of a minimum of three years professional photography experience.
  • Client and Agent testimonials
  • Proof of profession (Inland Revenue), company registration (if applicable) and summary accounts.
  • A personal statement describing industry experience, work flow and equipment.
  • Any qualifications and affiliations with other societies/trade unions.
  • A portfolio of your images in web and/or print res.
  • Hard copy prints.
  • Any further evidence you feel is relevant to your application
  • We may also ask for prospective applicants to meet a group of members informally.

What is APHP approved?

APHP-Approved is a neutral hallmark of quality and expertise in a crowded marketplace. Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with an APHP-qualified photographer who is fair, reliable and responsible, possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality headshots.

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