Education is at the heart of the APHP. In a rapidly changing headshot market, through our headucation initiative, we aim to help Drama Schools educate their students about headshots within the industry. We do this through neutral workshops with our members, educating and informing actors and students, helping them to ensure they have all the information required to make the right headshot choices now, and throughout their careers.

The pressure on young actors to manage their brand as an actor, and their professional promotional portfolio as part of that brand, has never been greater. Furthermore, the range of high-quality photographers and styles available in the market place has never been so varied. But as photographers, we see the same basic mistakes; the uninformed choice of non-sector-specific photographers will result in disappointing headshots time and again.

We've pooled our expertise to create impartial headshot workshops for drama schools to help fulfil professional development objectives, each led by two established professionals. These workshops cover every aspect of headshots and self promotion and aim to equip the professionals taking part with the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices.

Workshops will cover:

  • The basics of headshot preparation, from clothing choices to hair styling, make-up and facial hair.
  • An analysis of the significance of headshots in modern casting, current requirements, trends, and pitfalls to look out for.
  • The DOs and DON'Ts  of a headshot session - and the most important thing to consider when choosing a photographer.
  • The elements to consider when choosing your final shots
  • The technical breakdown of a headshot; natural or studio lighting, backgrounds, image delivery and implementation onto casting sites such as Spotlight and understanding how and where headshots are used in the casting process.
  • Student Q&A - a chance for the group to ask questions and dispel any myths that might surround current practice.
For more information, visit our headucation website or to discuss booking a Workshop, or tailoring it to your curriculum / Professional Development timetable, just drop us a line at:

“An invaluable workshop, seamlessly organised and brilliantly delivered.”
Heather Davies, Producer | Cynhyrchydd, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama | Coleg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Cymru

“We were delighted to welcome The APHP into our school for a workshop. The students found the advice and guidance extremely helpful, and hearing from such experienced photographers really helped to take the fear out of that first headshot session. Practical advice mixed with a detailed explanation on how to prepare and work towards to best and most productive session. The workshop was conducted in a friendly and constructive manner with plenty of time for Q and A. This should form a part of all drama schools training - invaluable.”
Adrian Jeckells, Principal, LSMT

What is APHP approved?

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