Salvatore Stella - Taken by Sheila Burnett
A great headshot is created by many factors and is a more a mystery than a science. I always encourage actors not to overthink before arriving for a session because you never know what the camera lens will see.

A mirror or a selfie see the surface but it's what you can’t see that really matters. The camera lens and the experienced photographer find the hidden ingredient that allows you to shine and stand out from the crowd.

Arrive with happy hair, energy a good selection of tops, stay in the moment and share yourself with the camera person. No need to go in to character, no need to be anyone other than yourself, the camera can't see you're thoughts.

I have chosen Salvatore Stella to illustrate this point, just a bit of attitude and a leather jacket, one studio light and natural light from a window, he turned to face the camera and we, the camera and I, were waiting to catch the moment, everyone is unique.

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