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All APHP members recognise and adhere to the highest standards of headshot professionalism, through our 'APHP Approved' quality kitemark.

Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with qualified photographers who are fair, reliable and responsible; possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you or your clients with the highest quality headshots.

Why use or recommend an APHP Photographer?

Only APHP-qualified photographers display the 'Approved' logo, so if you work with, or recommend, one of our members, you can rely on the highest standards of professional skill and expertise:

All APHP members are Qualified and have:

  • Experience; a minimum of three years, but often decades, as a professional portraitist, specialising in solely headshots for the entertainment industry.
  • Skill: a wealth of expert technical skills & superior equipment, plus keen understanding of light, composition and style to suit every face.
  • Knowledge: a wealth of in-depth, up-to-date, industry-specific expertise.
  • Protection: up to date public liability insurance. 
  • A Duty of Care: sophisticated data back up & measures to secure your images, while protecting your personal information.
All APHP members abide by the Code of Conduct and are:
  • Fair: abide by their terms & conditions that they clearly laid out online.
  • Reliable: honour their bookings, stick to deadlines regarding image supply & guarantee prices as booked. 
  • Responsible: strive to provide a consistently excellent service & find a resolution to any problem.
APHP photographers NEVER:
  • Operate cash-back arrangements with agents in exchange for recommendations.
  • Work as an Agent or Casting Director.
  • Break the conditions of our Code of Conduct.
APHP Approved also means that in the rare instance you have a problem you cannot resolve with your photographer, there is a place to go to find help.

See our 
'What if I have a Complaint?' page

Top Tips from APHP

You'll need to look as natural as possible for your headshots so best to bring tops that you may wear for a self-tape and casting. Obviously this will vary on what the role or character is that you're casting for so bring a selection of say half-a-dozen to your session.

Our session will be a collaboration and together we will take headshots that show you on your best day, as long as you're open and willing to be directed by me for literally every shot I take!

Remy Hunter Photography
Aslam Husain Photography
Celebrate who you are, its the secret, the camera knows!!

What is APHP approved?

APHP-Approved is a neutral hallmark of quality and expertise in a crowded marketplace. Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with an APHP-qualified photographer who is fair, reliable and responsible, possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality headshots.

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