A great headshot can be created by many factors. Technical skill, of course. A unique connection between subject and photographer. A great choice of clothing. A brilliant location. The happy accident of a gust of wind or a beautiful day's light. Sometimes even the dog that ran through the frame and created a candid moment....

In this monthly blog, we ask a member to share an image that means something to them, and explain why. This month, Steve Lawton on a shot that tells the story of his 'close-up' ethos.

Steve says:

"I have always been obsessed with natural light: ever changing, always unique, no day is ever the same. So, not for me the everyday security of a four-walled studio! It keeps me interested and excited, an energy which I hope is communicated to the client.

I remember this shoot very well because everything came together. My client, Eden Hastings is just starting out this year so I was determined to give her an image that would make a powerful and uncompromising statement about her talent.

In film terms, I’ve always shot clients as if we’re doing a close-up. It’s still a mystery to me how a camera can reveal profound psychological truth through the eyes, yet this is the actor’s job – but it is my job to create the conditions where they feel able to show it, and to capture it.

Everything I do - framing, lighting, composition - is done to highlight and showcase this reveal, with any luck creating a connection that we can see is truthful, open and unique.

For Eden’s picture, this all seemed to work; light, location, framing and exposure all conspired to create an arresting, yet totally honest portrait of this beautiful young actress."

Where shot: On Location
When shot: February 2017

About Steve
Web address: stevelawton.com
Twitter: @slawtonphoto

About Eden: Eden Hastings

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