This week we look at what you should wear to a headshot shoot, what you should bring, and why. The key is variety: bring along a selection of colours, styles and choices so that you can work alongside your photographer in order to choose what's best.

Nicholas Dawkes says: "Don't just wear really bland, black and white tops. Bring a bit of colour, something with a bit of texture to it, different necklines, cuts, something like that."

Michael Wharley says: "Even different structures as well, and between you and the photographer you are going to pick the right ones to tell the casting stories you want to tell."

Charlie Carter says: "Clothes should be ironed, bring ironed clothes."

John Clark says: "Some people can get away with a really bright red on them and you'll look fantastic but on others it'll drain them. But bring them and we can mix and match."

Adam Hills says: "It all very much depends on your tone, in terms of the colours you wear."

Micheal Wharley: "Range is the thing that will help you get a good set of shots."

Want to hear more advice on what to wear? Check out the video here