A great headshot can be created by many factors. Technical skill, of course. A unique connection between subject and photographer. A great choice of clothing. A brilliant location. The happy accident of a gust of wind or a beautiful day's light. Sometimes even the dog that ran through the frame and created a candid moment....

In this monthly blog, we ask a member to share an image that means something to them, and explain why. This month, Adam Hills of Mug Photography on a shot that shows how a client's look and clothing options find a match in the photographer's technique, to tell a striking story.

Adam says:

"The most exciting part of being a photographer for me, is light and the experimentation with it. If I can bring into play different techniques and qualities of light and marry that to an interesting subject with an engaging expression, thats the sweet spot! The shot I've chosen is a good example of this and I think stands out for several reasons.

Jemima Watling has played her part with a soft messy hair style that doesn't feel too placed and keeps you interested in the shot, as well as choosing a simple top that works well with her bone structure. There's just enough charm in her eyes but also some humility and I think it sits in the middle of her casting age bracket.

For my part, I feel I've managed to bring together a variety of light sources to help tell that story: I mixed window light on the her face, a flash light with a colour gel - which we call 'Rim' light - on her right shoulder, and just dancing some colour across her chest to emphasise her bone structure. I also used some constant light elements to create interest and depth in the background. Three different sorts of light working together.

You know when a client walks in with a smile, a strong description of what he/she needs, the ability to experiment and take direction and also laugh at themselves, that it's going to be a good session.

I think that's why certain shots like this one appeal to us as photographers; they work for the client, but they are also mementos of these mini-friendships we have with clients, and bring back a sense of satisfaction and achievement."

Where Shot: In Greenwich Studio, Window light
When Shot: September 2017

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