[APHP members Adam Hills and Charlie Carter with Spotlight Head of Publishing Kate Poynton (centre)]

Members of the APHP had the pleasure of meeting with Spotlight Head of Publishing Kate Poynton and Head of Digital Regan Andrew last week, at the recently revamped Spotlight offices (check out the mural opposite), to discuss all things headshots.

Chairman Michael Wharley & Treasurer Adam Hills, together with member Charlie Carter, were there to introduce the work of the APHP and learn more about Spotlight's plans for the future, not least how they might impact on headshots.

While a key part of the APHP's remit is to establish a neutral industry standard for headshots and photographers, it is also committed to advocating both for the interests of members, and those of all the actors who commission them to produce work.

In short, we want the images members produce to be displayed and used to best possible effect in the modern casting environment. While Spotlight's Link Casting software was revolutionary for its time, APHP members felt that its presentation of images had fallen somewhat behind web-trends and standards in recent years.

After a productive meeting discussing these issues and more, Michael Wharley reflected:

"As still images have historically been, and continue to be, so central to the casting process, it was great to be able to give Spotlight our members' insights as the producers of headshots and to suggest ways we believe the Spotlight Link software can better present photos. It was also good to learn about Spotlight's preexisting plans for future development, to help us better tailor what we do.

We look forward to helping the team test such developments, and working together to ensure that headshots shine brightly on the Link."