Picture credit: Jamie Capwell.

How did you get into shooting headshots specifically?
I was always interested in photography from about the age of 14. Things really started to develop for me when my step father started an events photography business and we suddenly had a number of cameras laying around the house. I was at performing arts college and photography suddenly became very accessible to me.

My true passion for photography really developed whilst I was studying performing arts. Being surrounded by people that were happy to have their pictures taken meant headshots became an area I became comfortable with very quickly.

Where do you shoot?
My studio is in Erith and it’s a large 1000 square foot space with a separate make up/dressing room. There is lots of natural light to shoot with and also some cool outdoor location settings.

How would you define your style?
Vibrant, dynamic and colourful.

Tell us what you like most about your job?
Having worked professionally in the performing arts industry for over 10 years and now being able to remain a small part of it through taking performers headshots feels special to me.

And tell us what you like the least?
Honestly the thing I like least is my drive to work. I live about 1 hour 30 mins drive from the studio so spend at least 3 hours a day in the car.

Who is your photography hero?
My photography hero has to be David Bailey....He’s got a good surname to!

What track is most likely to be playing in your studio, or on your iPod?
I am happiest when there’s some easy listening chilled house music playing.

Jaffa Cakes or Digestive?
Jaffa Cakes all day long.

Wine or beer?
Both! Life is too short to leave one or the other out so drink up!

Cats or dogs?
Dogs and in particular Archie - my boy who comes to the studio with me everyday!

How would you like to be remembered?
Driven...near obsessive, ambitious, fun, happy, silly.

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