Have a look at this photo – was it taken indoors or outdoors, with daylight or studio light?
It’s an age old question in the world of headshots, and one that concerns a number of actors on the hunt for new pics.
There’s a trend for natural light to be more popular, and certainly, nearly all headshot photographers will use it in someway in their pictures. Daylight tends to give a more evenly lit, natural quality but studio is useful for giving a more dramatic look with darker shadows. However, photographers can also use studio light to give a daylight feel if needs be.
In fact I’d argue that lighting techniques have come such a long way the question itself is a bit of a moot point these days. It’s more about how you connect with the style of a photographer’s work – how they get the look doesn’t really need to come into consideration.
Some photographers work solely outside under bridges and in tunnels and some have large studios with dozens of lights. It doesn’t matter who’s doing what, if you love someone’s work and you feel the look of their photos is right for you and your casting, just trust you’ll get great photos irrespective of what light they’re using.
And by the way, the photo was taken outside in my garden using a mix of both studio and daylight!

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