This post originally appeared on Emma's blog, which you can view here.
Copyright: Emma BullivantI feel super lucky to photograph someone for the first time.

My personal experience losing my headshot V plates wasn’t a positive one. It’s a story I tell lots of my clients. Circa 2006, I was a second year drama school student. I remember going through the previous years showcase books, actors that had went before me; their headshots were predominately taken by one photographer. The majority of my year-followed suit, me like a sheep followed too and I regret that. The photographer at the time was still shooting on film, refusing to cross over to Digital, which was just emerging.

I got the photographers time and one round of film, 36 shots. It can’t compare to the 300-1000 images most headshot photographers now take. Somewhere between shot 16-20 I was told that my mouth didn’t close properly. I continued, blowing my lips out between shutter clicks. Shot 24 I was informed my jaw held serious tension. I went on to try to shake loose my stubborn chin and blowfish my lips.

Needless to say I hated my headshots, all 36 of them.

Looking back, I remember that I didn’t really bring anything to the session other than my own fears, insecurities and as a result (with a little help from the photographer) turned into a bit of a mess.

I then took these new found photographic issues with my face to every headshot session that followed, It’s really important for me, that nobody I shoot leaves feeling the way I did, I wish I knew back then what I know now.

"Be confident, let go of any previous hang-ups from photographers, teachers, directors, parents and just be you."

The lovely Callum Chowdhury arrived for his first ever-professional headshot session and what was really amazing was that he brought along an idea of what he wanted to channel, his inner James Dean.

I think we all have inside of us, whomever you admire, they are there, you just need to be open and confident enough to let them out. It was such a fun shoot and as a result I think Callum got images that work as a headshot and so much more.