Hair up, or hair down? Alisha Love gives you the advice you need.

Hair up or hair down is something that most actors worry about, my advice would be not to worry about it too much.

I always advise people to have what you would normally have when you go to an audition. For example, if your hair is naturally really curly, and you normally go to auditions with curly hair, I would advise wearing your hair curly, because if you change it drastically in your headshot and you never wear it like that to auditions… They won’t recognise you!

The casting directors see so many people at auditions, and they want (and need!) to be able to recognise you from your headshot straight away.

But can I wear it up?

With regards to having it up or not, I think its always good to get a variety of hair up and down.

Your photographer should allow you to play around with different styles, I personally like a low bun with a couple of bangs pulled out to frame your face.

If you’re going for a more edgy ‘urban’ look then ponytail always works for that!