Martin Freeman - taken by APHP Member Claire Grogan

Spots always come at the worst times. But what if you wake up on the morning of your headshot with a massive spot?

Well, firstly, don't worry! It's common and your headshot photographer will be prepared for this.

APHP Member Claire Grogan says:

"I’m a dab hand with concealer and can help with blemishes, under eye shadows etc. if you need it. Spots often appear at the worst possible time but don’t worry, I can deal with all that and more in Photoshop later."

Retouching is part of the process, and often your photographer will include a number of retouched images in your package. So if you wake up with a spot the size of Everest - don't panic! You can still go through with your shoot and once you get the images back, you'll never know!

APHP Member Pete Bartlett says: "Retouching simply means getting rid of distractions and imperfections, i.e. stray hairs, spots and tiredness under the eyes. It's still very much you, but you on a very, very good day."